Summer school: Special values of L-functions
ENS Lyon, June, 2-6, 2014

ANR Labex Milyon
French version


L-functions, or zeta functions, are at the heart of arithmetic geometry. The mysterious link between L-functions and the cohomology of algebraic varieties has been explored by Beilinson in a series of conjectures that have been refined succesively by Bloch and Kato, Fontaine and Perrin-Riou, Burns and Flach. Simultaneously, the theory of mixed motives, in full expansion under the impulsion of Beilinson and then Voevodsky, aimed at defining a universal cohomology theory for algebraic varieties which is the key tool to formulate and explore Beilinson's conjectures.

List of courses:

  1. L-functions and Galois cohomology, J. Johnson-Leung.
  2. Regulators and motives, J. Wildeshaus.
  3. Conjectures sur les valeurs spéciales, F. Brunault & O. Fouquet (in replacement of M. Flach who had to cancel his participation).
  4. Modular aspects, O. Fouquet.

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Research talks:

Detailed program